Our main concern is to help environmental policies and save fossil fuel cost, helping planet’s salvation by installing to the cars a simple do-it-yourself and low cost kit, adding hydrogen and oxygen to the engine’s combustion.

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Doctor Mechanical Engineer of UPS -Toulouse France (1970), originating from Greece, a country actually occupied by bureaucrats.

Democracy here is only theoretical.

Laws are compulsory only for the simple citizens.

The Christian Church do not pay taxes by law, while voted by parlement majorities driven 100% by the will of one man: the prime minister.

Christian monasteries are owners of huge land surfaces and are rather real estate buisnesses.

They are even owners of lakes and exchange them with state properties of much higher value in Athens subburbs with the signature of ministers who now pretend been innocents.

This is the Fascism, not the Democracy, a shame for Europe.


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