Introducing Alcolor

ALCOLOR was founded by Dr Eng. George N. Vamvakoussis in 1976 and was initially involved with extrusion presses, anodizing plants and supply of raw materials at the aluminium industry. At the beginning of ’90s ALCOLOR enters in the market of powder coating of metals, the dominant finishing technology until today.

ALCOLOR stands at the edge of technology of metal finishing by manufacturing top quality and ingenious equipment for this market. Also cooperating with top European companies and introducing high-end methods of protection and decoration of aluminium and other metals.

ALCOLOR developed designing and construction activity of machinery and equipment, aiming at the powder coating application and protection of powder coated surfaces.

The types of machinery manufactured by ALCOLOR:

  • PTA Protective tape application machines for all types of aluminium extrusion and sheets after painting (PTA series).
  • WAP Wrapping machine with paper, plastic or even thin stretch film for the packaging of aluminium extrusion profiles (WAP series).
  • REC Reciprocators for the controlled movement of automatic guns in powder coating (REC series).
  • SUBLIDECOR Wood and Marble Pattern imitation Equipment by means of heat transfer method in aluminium profiles and sheets (SUBLIDECOR series).


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