Machine composed by a screw-bolt mounted Body on base made out of ITEM anodized structural aluminium system for mechanical constructions, supporting 2 main driving rolls, vulcanized high endurance special rubber cast and rectified, plus the 2 tape application mechanisms for vertical side application and the 2 extra inclined sides tape application units for applying the protection tape at various acute and blunt angles.

There are always soft position adjustable rolls for ironing the tape but also for achieving the tape application on curved surfaces. The driving roll station is in bridge form construction. The upper free rubber roller is held by carriers vertically sliding on double linear ITEM bearings.

4 stations with 6 tape application units including 1 station for inclined profile sides at acute angles and 1 station for inclined profile sides at blunt angles.

Technical Characteristics:

2 Motors: 380 V, 3 phases, 50 HZ, 1 HP each driven by individual 3 phases Inverter.


Diameter of Driving and Pressing Rolls: 110 mm. Upper free pressure rubber roller on ITEM double linear bearings.

Feed speed of Profiles: up to 30 meters/min

Maximum Width of Profile’s Section: 500 mm.

Maximum height: 150 mm.

Six (6) horizontal and three (3) vertical fixed free rolls for the support and guiding of the moving profiles.

Two moving vertical free rolls for the guidance of the moving profiles adjustable.


Below one of the profiles of our client treated by this machine



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